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Established Ceramists from the South Coast

21 July to 31 August 2022

An exhibition featuring the art of many of the south coast ceramists and potters who are working quietly (or not) in their own little patches of  dirt, producing ceramic art that is specific to their local clay, weather, community, environments, inspiration. Some are well known, others rarely seen.
This exhibition aims to “UnEarth” some of these gems and bring them into the light at Spiral Gallery, Bega.

Mark Lems

Anton Lord

Bill Insch

Bella Insch

Janna Ferris

Gosia Jackson

Barry Jackson

Tim Moorhead

Ivana Gattegno

Margaret Brown

Emily Laszuk

Helen Neeson

Joy Georgeson

Susan Curran

Helen Martin

Catherine Drinan

Keith Coleman

Kym Brookes

Anneke Paijmans

Nancy Brunton

Gabrielle Powell

Daniel Lafferty

Sarah Murray

Barbara Crowden

Jenny Mein

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