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June - December 2021 Exhibition Program

Spiral Gallery 10th Annual Plethora of Postcards

25 June - 20 July

Hundreds of postcards will be on display. Do not miss out on seeing this very popular show. View the prize winner & maybe make a purchase as many postcards are for sale. Entry form


Anneke Paijmans and Bill Insch

23 July - 11 August 

An exhibition of recent paintings, drawings, ceramics

by Anneke Paijmans & Bill Insch

In response to events; environmental changes and happenings in our place of living, in the forests, on our beaches & in our towns here on the South Coast of Eastern Australia. Both Bill Insch & Anneke Paijmans feel strongly about the human response to our native environment, the changes that are wreaked upon it by our activities; our sensitivities & insensitivities to our great; beautiful natural resources.


13 August - 20 October 2021

All art starts with a line &, in this exhibition, a variety of local artists will be riffing on the line in a celebration of the creative process. Lines will provide insight into artistic practice using thick, thin, bold, bent, twisted, tenuous, knitted, printed, painted, written, etched or drawn lines in a variety of mediums. Online Catalogue


22 October - 31 November

Spiral Gallery hosts an exciting Members Cash and Carry exhibition. Covid disruptions have made way for a celebration of the recent works created by members and showcases the diverse talents and dedication of the Spiral member artists.

SAKURA - Japanese Exhibition - Gallery 2

1-30 November
Cash and Carry
Kimono, clothes, jewellery, textile, prints, dolls, antiques


Summer @ Spiral Gallery members group show - Gallery 1

3 December 2021 - 18 January 2022

Spiral Gallery's Artists & Friends annual Cash & Carry - a smorgasbord of original artworks for the summer season: ceramics, jewellery, clothing, prints, paintings, handcrafted wood & knives, baskets, glassware & more.


Sharon Cornthwaite -  Gallery 2

3 - 24 December 2021

Sharon Cornthwaite and Heather Lecke-Fisher

Sharon will display wall works, textile and metal work and jewellery pieces with reference to the gift of looking forward, seeing into the future, for better or for worse. 

Heather's collection of rings and neck pieces has been inspired by all things ocean.

BODY AND SOUL - Gallery 2 

29 December - 18 January

Ceramics and prints by Susan Curran

Jewellery and artworks by Sharon Cornthwaite

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