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Current Cooperative Members

Spiral Gallery is an artists-run open access gallery. The gallery caters to a broad range of artist practices and offers the chance to share a professional exhibition space as well as to connect and exchange artistic dialogue. Since establishment in 1997, 90 artists have been members and thousands of artists have exhibited at the gallery.


Current Spiral Gallery member artists: Lucy Jurek-Macey, Joy Georgeson, David Beck, Ray Hamilton, Glenda Morgan, Sunaina Dankher Lohkan, Susan Curran, Karen Sedaitis, Zoe Burke, Gabrielle Powell, Reiko Healy, Hilary Peterson, Helen Stafford, Diny Stewart, Anneke Paijmans, Claudia Tasche, Rachel Annabel, Steve Stafford, Sharon Cornthwaite, David Stocker, Nancy Brunton, Jock Morse and Keith Coleman. 

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