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Apply for Cooperative Membership

Spiral Gallery has 21 'active' artists members.

  • Annual membership fee $50 per year

  • Discounted commission charged on artwork sales

  • Opportunity to exhibit artwork in the cash & carry shop

  • Submit artwork in regular group shows 

  • Membership applications are assessed by Spiral Gallery’s Committee of Management. Please complete and lodge the Membership application form and include a CV or artist statement

Spiral Gallery Member Benefits:


  • Members of Spiral Gallery are equal owners of the cooperative and share the responsibilities of operating the gallery and shop 

  • Assist with the gallery's economic and social goals

  • Solidarity and cooperation - local artists don’t have to work alone

  • Learn, gain and share retail and curating skills 

  • Be part of inspiring our community and sharing skills

  • Equality - a voice in attaining the goal 

  • Self responsibility - sharing in the effort with like minded others

  • Working together means more power and lowers cost of having a gallery/shop

  • Keeping the community alive - enhance the lifestyle of artists and residents alike

  • Support a long standing community organization 

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