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A history of Spiral Gallery in images...  

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The Spiral Gallery Story... 



Spiral Gallery Co-operative was established in Bega on 24th January 1997 by Barb Crowden, with early members Jude Lamb, Moira Turnbull and Tanja Riese.  The first location was upstairs at 209 Carp Street, Bega.  As Barb says: ‘and so the adventure began’.


Between then and now, 90 artists have been members of this very active arts co-operative, and thousands of artists have exhibited at Spiral, the only open access gallery in the region.  Hundreds more, of all ages, have participated in the many art skills workshops that Spiral Gallery has run for the community. 

25+, at Spiral Gallery in January 2022, then touring to Basil Sellers Exhibition Centre, Moruya in May 2022,

celebrates the contribution of those 90 member artists, and celebrates Spiral Gallery's contribution to the cultural life of the Bega Valley.  Spiral Gallery is one of the longest established artist-run galleries in NSW and Australia.


In establishing Spiral, the aim was to have a space where local artists could explore all manner of media, curate their own exhibitions, and in the process, develop their own professional practice, while raising the profile of their art and the art of local and interstate artists generally.  From solos to group exhibitions, each year has produced an exhibition program of quality and variety.


In 1999 Spiral moved to its current location at 47 Church Street, Bega and a ground floor space. Through the 25 years, members have funded the gallery’s operational expenses as well as running the gallery, produced artwork and curated the exhibition program. It has been a juggling act of inspiration and practicalities, fun and hard work, leadership and collaboration, and individuals engaging our community.


Through the generosity and dedication of many, Spiral has continued to offer opportunities to present ideas, involve the community, to share the creativity of art, to share skills and inspiration. In turn, the Bega Valley community has supported and nurtured its endeavours.

Diana Stewart


Spiral Gallery Co-operative

A few words from Spiral Gallery members & friends...

"... Congratulations wonderful women. What an amazing, powerful and special thing you birthed all those years ago. It has brought so much richness to the people of the Bega Valley and beyond. Much respect and gratitude ..."

Danielle Pirrie

"Loving all these flashback photos and recognising the younger versions of some many wonderful people in this community thanks for sharing them."


"...Thank you to all who have supported Spiral - as a founding member we would never have been able to achieve what we did without that support..."

Moira Turnbull

"....We are very fortunate to have a volunteer non-profit Gallery such as Spiral. There is a reason it is one of the longest running artist operated galleries.
May it be here for the next 25 years..."

Tim Moorhead

"...As a newbie to the artistic scene I was lucky enough to hold my first ever exhibition at Spiral Gallery in 2020. The support & gentle guidance of the volunteers at the gallery will be something I’ll take with me on my creative journey. Thank you all so much & a big congratulations on 25 years!!..."

Kym Brookes

"Spiral. Wow! Congratulations on 25 years. Thank you for keeping it evolving & vibrant & still true to its aim. It’s a wonderful space & have enjoyed so many exciting & thought provoking exhibitions here"

Bernadette McKinnon

"...My five years spent as a working member taught me all sorts of other necessary professional skills and the opportunity to make many wonderful friendships..."

Sue Chancellor

"...I would love to thank Spiral Gallery for being an intrinsic part of my artistic journey. It gave me many unique opportunities as an emerging artist that I would not otherwise have had..."

Jacqui Ryding

"...The years have passed by bringing new members, new creative energies and new exhibitions. What an achievement to be 25! I love the way Spiral continues to turn and consistently provides opportunities for artists and the community to unite and celebrate together..."

Gabrielle Powell

"...Spiral continues to forge ahead with terrific community  programmes which address the needs of a community beset by the ravages of bushfires, geographical isolation and educational need...."

Veronica O'Leary

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